Friday, September 3, 2010

Quit temping? Not yet.

I had my third acupuncture appointment today. It was so hard to lie still especially when the bandages on my back started really making my skin itch. I wound up losing three of the needles (out of my maybe 18-20) because I was so fidgety. She was kind enough not to say it was me but said sometimes they fall when they're done. Two of them I know I knocked out with my fidgeting.

I've been reading more of Randine Lewis' book this week and it's interesting to kind of read along with what is she is actually doing. I wouldn't really have much of a clue if I hadn't gotten that book out of the library.

Today was a bit upsetting in the morning. A similar thing happened last cycle. Yesterday I had a very high temperature and today I was so sure it was going to stay high and show that I ovulated. But today it plummeted over a degree, which may not sounds like a lot but on my chart it looks like someone fell down a very steep mountain.

So I had to accept that I have not ovulated yet and I may have another anovulatory cycle. I'm kind of down in the dumps right now. My acupuncturist said she put a few needles in the "impatient" spots for me so that I'll feel less impatient. Ha ha. I sure need that! I was so dejected about my temperature this morning for a few seconds I almost thought I should just quit charting. But I don't know if I could trade that knowledge just to get rid of the constant disappointment. At least this way I KNOW if I'm ovulating and have a clue what's going on. Ahh, it's tough. And this is just the beginning.

Oh, well, I'd best get back to my Friday night of cleaning. We are having a Labor Day BBQ tomorrow and we've got lots of company coming and the house is not quite company-ready yet.

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