Saturday, September 11, 2010

Waiting & hoping to ovulate

I swear (and I think I've shared this before) waiting to ovulate is harder and much more torturous than the 2-week wait. When you have PCOS, the wait to ovulation can be indefinite. At least a 2WW is just about two weeks. I'm on CD 32 and have EWCM and have gotten two positive OPKs but still nothing. My temp did rise today but not enough that I would think I ovulated. All I can hope is that tomorrow my temp goes up even more.

My temps have been very erratic. I'm pretty sure I sleep with my mouth open many nights and I think I should switch to vaginal temping. It's going to be weird to get used to but I'm curious to see if my temps level out. They started out so nicely this cycle, in a nice little "W" shape, and then they started going nuts, up and down by a whole degree.

All I want is to O. Is that too much to ask?

I have it looming over me that the doc wants us to have an IUI and have me go on Clomid. I really did not want it to come to that but if I don't become pregnant by spring 2011 I guess that is where we are headed!

I hope and pray DH gets a job soon. He has an interview on Tuesday and I hope something comes of it.

My other concern is that if I do O, I might have a short luteal phase again. Anyone else dealing with that on their own? Should I self-medicate? I have vitamin B6 already but have not taken it yet. Should I take that? Or get some kind of progesterone? What would you do? Thanks.

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