Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Soy update

So I really have no update except to say that tonight will be my last night taking 120 mg of soy isoflavones. I have had no side effects and I can't even tell any difference so far. Today is day 7 for me so tonight will be the end...and then we'll see what happens.

I decided to start temping vaginally this time because I got sick of my rocky temperatures and was afraid sleeping with my mouth open was throwing them off. I haven't taken my temp since day 2 because it just seemed gross to me to take my temp down there while I was bleeding. So I think I'll resume temping tomorrow. It felt strange not to temp but it was also a nice break. I think resuming tomorrow will work just fine.

Now I just have to keep fingers crossed that if my ovulation does move up, it doesn't move up so far that I won't be with my hubby at the time.

Not much else is going on here so I'm signing out.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Soy isoflavones

Since I started a new cycle recently I've been really obsessing about trying soy isoflavones just one cycle to see what happens. Will it move up my ovulation date? Give me a stronger ovulation? Help me get pregnant? Today is my cycle day 3 and I stopped by Walmart and bought a bottle of soy isoflavones. The tablets are 40 mg each. I am going to take 3 each day for 5 days, so 120 mg per day. I'm not sure where this urge came from but I obsessed about it all day, did lots of research, and decided to just go for it.

I'm really nervous it's going to counteract with something else I'm taking or that I'll have some crazy side effects I won't know how to handle. But I keep telling myself the worst that can happen is it doesn't work, and the best is that I'll get pregnant from this cycle.

If it does work and moves up my ovulation date that might not be a good thing. I'll be traveling (without my hubby) on cycle days 12-15. If I ovulate at a "normal" time I might not be with my hubby when it matters, when I'm fertile. If I could plan it out, I'd hope to ovulate around CD 17 or 18 which would give us a few chances once I get back from my trip.

I'm headed off to bed now as I'm super exhausted. Ahh, I can sleep in tomorrow. That is one silver lining in not having a child yet...sleeping in on the weekends. What a delish feeling! Good night!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My hubby is a stud!

My husband went in for a second semen analysis today. He was told he could get the results tomorrow but they actually called today already. They said everything was NORMAL.

First of all, liquefaction was totally COMPLETE this time. No viscosity! Woo-hoo!

Here are the numbers:
Volume: 3.6
Concentration: 141 million (They like to see greater than 20 million.)
Count: 507 million (They like to see greater than 40 million.)
Motility: 63% (They like to see greater than 50%.)
Morphology: 8% (They like to see 11-14% but 5-14% is acceptable.)

I can't remember the other thing she said but she said out of 1-4 he is a 3.8. I think it was some overall grade perhaps?

However, they are still recommending IUI, which I'm not thrilled about but OK with. We are going to continue to try on our own for a few months and then as long as DH has a job by next year we'll proceed with the IUI and some ovulation-inducing drug for me (Clomid or letrozole).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just an update

I heard back from my naturopath yesterday and she gave me a few things to try to raise my progesterone. One of them was oregano, so my dinner last night, and my lunch and dinner today were all liberally sprinkled with oregano. One other thing she recommended can only be purchased online so I ordered that today. I have spent a small fortune on alternative treatments and supplements, which is kind of ironic because one small part of the reason why we haven't pursued infertility treatments at the fertility doctor's office is financial. But that really is only a part of it.

I'm now 12 DPO, which is the longest I've ever gotten since I've charted. I think a new cycle is about to start but time will tell.

My husband's second SA is tomorrow. We had a little chat about it and I told him if he gets the same results as last time, it will be OK. I am really hoping and praying that his results are better but have to realize that it will be OK even if they're not. We can do an IUI if it really is a problem. I don't want to do that but I will if we have to.

Ugh, poor guy has had a really crappy few weeks. He lost his job the end of August and then got the results of his SA, well, they weren't even really results as we were just told it was non-diagnostic.

Please, semen, liquefy tomorrow!

Monday, September 20, 2010

9DPO P4 results

So I called the doctor's office as soon as they opened today. My results for yesterday were 3.36. It was 5.5 three days prior so that wasn't good. The nurse said that my doctor recommends Clomid and I asked if there was anything else instead and she said, "You don't want Clomid?" I explained that I was concerned with the side effects and she put me on hold and consulted with the doctor and told me that he said I could take letrozole. I'll have to do more research on that before I agree with that but I have heard it has fewer side effects than Clomid.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

9DPO P4 - still in suspense.

Like an idiot, I carried my phone around for hours today. You know, the doctor's office told me they'd call at noon, so I was sort of expecting a phone call around noon (or even by 1:00 or 2:00). But, no, they did not call me so I'm left wondering and wondering. I almost let it ruin my day but decided to try to get over it. I think I did OK. We were at a good game and then went to one of our favorite restaurants in the city.

Even though I gave the doctor's office my cell phone number I was still holding out a tiny bit of hope that maybe they left the message on my home phone so as soon as I got home, I checked the answering machine, but no message. I'm very upset with them. This is not the first time they've not returned my call. And because it was a Sunday their incoming callers were told they were closed and told to only stay on the line in case of emergency. I'm very disappointed in them.

I feel that my progesterone level would have had to have gone up a bit. I made it to 9DPO and my temperatures have been higher than they were 3 days ago.

I'll have to wait until 8:00 a.m. to call them and try to find out. I'm undecided if I'm going to tell them how upset I was. I find it hard to be assertive but I feel they should know it's wrong to get a patient's hopes up by letting her think she'll have an answer in less than three hours...and then not deliver and leave her hanging for a day. Very rude!

Second P4 draw - 9DPO

I'm pretty sure this was the first time in my life I went to a doctor on a Sunday. Pretty strange. I had my second P4 blood draw. I had one on Thursday at 6DPO, as you probably know, and it was only 5.5 so the doctor wanted me to be rechecked today. I was fairly confident that I'd have my period by this morning but I do not, and my temps are still above the cover line. I've never gotten this many DPO since I've been charting so I'm excited.

I think I still have those darn psychics in the back of my head. Cheri22 told me September was my month (conceive, BFP, or due date) and JennyRenny said I'd conceive in a cycle that started in August and get my BFP in September. So that's really there in the back of my head. Of course, Cheri said I'm having a girl and JennyRenny said a boy so they can't both be right (not unless I would have more than one baby).

So I'm off to a baseball game now and will be getting the results most likely while I'm in the car driving there (about an hour away) so I won't be able to post my results until this evening.

While I was at the doctor's office this morning, I picked up a sterile cup for my hubby's second semen analysis this week. When he saw the size of the cup, he said, "What, do they think I'm a horse?" Ha ha.

I "let" him have a mocha today (espresso & milk drink) but I'll gently remind him to drink lots of water today (and every day this week). I think I should pack some fruit to take to the game too. I REALLY want this SA to turn out with better results.

In my little dreamworld, I keep imagining that somehow I'm already pregnant this cycle and I'll get my BFP before he gets the results of this SA. I wish I could come back to reality, but that probably won't happen until my period shows up.

OK, off to the game! Go, home team!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Second semen analysis

My husband called and made an appointment for a second semen analysis this coming Thursday at the RE's office. I did some research after the first botched non-diagnostic one and found out it's better to do it in RE's office rather than hospital lab as the RE has more tools to separate the semen and sperm. I wish we had been told that before the last one! We only chose the hospital last time because there would be no cost to us, whereas the RE charges $100. In hopes of making his semen less viscous, I keep encouraging him to drink more water and less soda, tea, and coffee, and to eat more fruits and veggies. I can only hope that makes a difference with less than a week to go.

I really hope that this analysis goes better for him. We have to go to one of my RE's other office locations tomorrow so I can get a 9DPO blood draw. (There are four offices and one is less than a mile from our house but it's one of the others that's open 365 days a year, and I believe they are about 20-30 minutes away.) Well, I should say I have to go. My husband does not have to go with me but I thought it would be nice if he did because when he's coming on Thursday with his sample he'll already know how to get there, where to park, etc. and he can go straight to where he needs to go.

As for me, I was really worried that I'd get my period before tomorrow. So far, so good. I have been feeling a bit crampy the past two days but my temperature is in fact rising again. Crazy. I'm 8 DPO right now. If I did have my period already that would signify a problem. So I keep praying it holds off another 6-7 days or so. First I want to be able to get this blood draw to see if my progesterone goes up. And second, I am not ready to have my period yet. On top of that, who wants to have a short LP, which signifies a progesterone issue?

One of my good friends just found out she is about 4 weeks pregnant with her first. I am SO excited for her. I keep hoping I get my BFP so we can go through this journey together. I honestly was rooting for her to get her BFP first since I would have felt awful telling her if I was pregnant first. She is a good deal older than I am, plus she has been trying longer.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

P4 results

I went in for my P4 test early this morning and I've been waiting all day with anticipation and dread. I should be hearing from them soon since they close by 3:30 or 4:00 and it's 3:17 as I write this.

I had no trouble getting an appointment. I called yesterday and asked for one and they said sure. I decided to get it today (at 6DPO) rather than tomorrow since I was afraid I'd get my period before then.

A good friend of mine texted me today to say she got a positive HPT today but is retesting tomorrow since she doesn't think it's correct. It's so sad when you've been TTC so long that when you finally get a + you don't believe it. I am trying to tell her that false positives are rare! She doesn't want to get her hopes up. I'm so happy for her - and hoping I have good news of my own soon - even if it's just that I have a luteal phase defect but it can be easily remedied. I hope to hear I at least ovulated. I was about 99% sure I did and am now starting to have doubts.

It's now 3:36 and I just got the call that my progesterone is 5.5. I have no idea what that means. The doctor wants me to be retested on Sunday so I guess I'll find out more then.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Solid crosshairs!

Yippee! I was overjoyed yesterday when I logged onto my FF account and entered my temperature (third high one) and it gave me crosshairs. those of you who chart your temperatures know what I'm talking about probably. And they weren't dotted crosshairs like I've gotten in the past but solid ones. I was very excited.

Now I'm just hoping to have a better luteal phase. My last one was only about 7 days, not long enough at all. It was recommended to me by the Soul Cysters to get a P4 test done so I'm going to call my RE and see if I can get one 7DPO which would be this Friday. I'm fully expecting some resistance because first of all I can tell he doesn't think I'll ovulate unmedicated. Every time I talk to him it's Clomid, Clomid, Clomid. He hasn't even bothered to order any bloodwork or ultrasounds to see if I'm ovulating and I could save him a lot of time but just telling him that BBT charting is telling me.

Oh, well, he's aggressive but he's doing his job - trying to get me pregnant. But I really want to try this without all this high-tech stuff if I can. I have nothing against any of it and if I need it, I'll certainly use it but I wanted to see what my body was capable of on its own. Since starting the herbs, I have ovulated twice. Granted, my cycles are long so they're not ideal but I AM ovulating.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Waiting & hoping to ovulate

I swear (and I think I've shared this before) waiting to ovulate is harder and much more torturous than the 2-week wait. When you have PCOS, the wait to ovulation can be indefinite. At least a 2WW is just about two weeks. I'm on CD 32 and have EWCM and have gotten two positive OPKs but still nothing. My temp did rise today but not enough that I would think I ovulated. All I can hope is that tomorrow my temp goes up even more.

My temps have been very erratic. I'm pretty sure I sleep with my mouth open many nights and I think I should switch to vaginal temping. It's going to be weird to get used to but I'm curious to see if my temps level out. They started out so nicely this cycle, in a nice little "W" shape, and then they started going nuts, up and down by a whole degree.

All I want is to O. Is that too much to ask?

I have it looming over me that the doc wants us to have an IUI and have me go on Clomid. I really did not want it to come to that but if I don't become pregnant by spring 2011 I guess that is where we are headed!

I hope and pray DH gets a job soon. He has an interview on Tuesday and I hope something comes of it.

My other concern is that if I do O, I might have a short luteal phase again. Anyone else dealing with that on their own? Should I self-medicate? I have vitamin B6 already but have not taken it yet. Should I take that? Or get some kind of progesterone? What would you do? Thanks.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

+ OPK!

For the first time in my life I got a + OPK! I was so excited I just had to share. Can you imagine how I'll be if I ever get a + HPT? :o


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Semen Analysis Results

My hubby & I conference-called our RE's office today to see if the results of his semen analysis were in. I was fully prepared to hear everything was good. I stayed on mute and let him do the talking.

Well, the nurse got on the line and told him that his test was "non-diagnostic" because his semen was too viscous and never liquefied. She said the doctor recommends that I contact them at the start of my next period and get started on Clomid and they'll do insemination.

Hold up...WHAT? That's it? They don't retest it to see if it was a one-time thing? That is our only option now? I called back and asked if he could be retested and they said that in 90 days he could try again.

I feel like someone punched me in the gut and took my breath away. I can't even let my husband see that I'm upset because that will make him upset and he's already in a bad enough place with not having a job.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Quit temping? Not yet.

I had my third acupuncture appointment today. It was so hard to lie still especially when the bandages on my back started really making my skin itch. I wound up losing three of the needles (out of my maybe 18-20) because I was so fidgety. She was kind enough not to say it was me but said sometimes they fall when they're done. Two of them I know I knocked out with my fidgeting.

I've been reading more of Randine Lewis' book this week and it's interesting to kind of read along with what is she is actually doing. I wouldn't really have much of a clue if I hadn't gotten that book out of the library.

Today was a bit upsetting in the morning. A similar thing happened last cycle. Yesterday I had a very high temperature and today I was so sure it was going to stay high and show that I ovulated. But today it plummeted over a degree, which may not sounds like a lot but on my chart it looks like someone fell down a very steep mountain.

So I had to accept that I have not ovulated yet and I may have another anovulatory cycle. I'm kind of down in the dumps right now. My acupuncturist said she put a few needles in the "impatient" spots for me so that I'll feel less impatient. Ha ha. I sure need that! I was so dejected about my temperature this morning for a few seconds I almost thought I should just quit charting. But I don't know if I could trade that knowledge just to get rid of the constant disappointment. At least this way I KNOW if I'm ovulating and have a clue what's going on. Ahh, it's tough. And this is just the beginning.

Oh, well, I'd best get back to my Friday night of cleaning. We are having a Labor Day BBQ tomorrow and we've got lots of company coming and the house is not quite company-ready yet.