Saturday, January 29, 2011

New car, new cycle.

I found out last Friday (the 21st) my car was totaled for sure and my rental would only be covered through Wednesday the 26th. They only cover the rental for five days after they make an offer for the car because essentially when they decide to total the car, they are making you an offer to buy your car. I decided to keep the rental an extra two days since I did not have time to go car shopping. I could have gone last Saturday but I needed time to think about what I wanted.

Yesterday my check arrived from the insurance company and I took the SUV rental back (sob, I really loved that with its heated seats and four-wheel drive). We had another snow storm this past week and I actually got a day and a half off work out of it. I think it was 16 inches but it took two days to get to that because it was snowing and then raining and then snowing again.

Tuesday night I did go test drive two cars but it was dark and I couldn't decide if I wanted either of them. I wanted to examine them in the daylight. This was at a used car lot, but it's a very nice used car lot. The cars are all just several years old or less and come with a bumper-to-bumper warranty. Wednesday night I found another car on their web site and it was thousands less than a similar one I'd test driven the night before. So I went and test drove it today...and I bought it! It's not quite ready yet as they just got it in and they haven't had a chance to detail it yet. So they gave me a loaner vehicle until my car is ready. Whew! My own wheels!

The great news is that I was able to put almost 50% of the payment down and my new car payment will be even less than my current car payment was. I got a great interest rate (less than 4%). My insurance will go up of course since it's a newer and more expensive car.

I also started a new cycle today so I need to call the doctor's office first thing Monday morning. They want to see me on day 3 I believe and Monday will be day 3. I am not sure how this will work out. Today has been very "light" so perhaps tomorrow will be the real day 1. We'll see.

I am such a mix of emotions today - sad I will never see my car again, excited about my new car, scared even a higher dose of Femara won't work, etc.


  1. woohoo! new car!
    things are looking up.
    this year is going to be great. i can feel it.
    i love your blog - and knowing that i'm not alone out there.
    i gave you an award on my site - you should check it out. :)

  2. Aww, thank you, that is very cool and very sweet of you!

    I'm never sure anyone even reads my blog - but that's OK as it's an outlet for me and my thoughts and feelings and also kind of record book of everything I'm going through. So thank you for leaving a comment; I really appreciate it!