Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a shitty day!

Pardon my French, but really, what a shitty day!

First I took my temperature today and it was lower than the past few days but I was still curious to see if it would make crosshairs on FF. But I did not take the time to put my temp in the morning.

I left for work and I was actually early - EARLY! I'm rarely early, not very often on time, and usually late. So I was quite pleased with myself. The sun was shining very brightly and I kept thinking I wished I had my sunglasses. I guess it was shining off all the snow that was still everywhere from the day before.

I was driving along in the left lane. I'm always in the right lane but for whatever reason I was in the left lane today. I noticed a bunch of cars in front of me slowing and one even went into the middle turning lane. I thought someone braked suddenly because they missed a turn and everyone braked in response but then I saw a school bus going the opposite way and it had its stop sign out. And that quickly I was able to stop but the two cars behind me weren't. WHAM! My car got hit and I flew forward. The air bags did not go off but I knew my car was going to have some bad damage. I got out of the car and the sun was so bright I could barely see but noticed a green SUV behind me and blue car behind that. The woman from the SUV said, "Well, you were able to stop but apparently we couldn't." I told her we needed to get a police report so she called the police and they came fairly quickly but before they did, the two other drivers were exchanging information. I was shaking so badly I could hardly write and I kept getting all teary-eyed. All I got was her name, phone number, plate number, make and model. She gave the other guy her insurance which really made no sense since I'm the one she hit. Then the police officer arrived, had us all move into the middle, and asked us to stay in our vehicles. So I never got to get the information from her. Ugh. Before the police officer even got there I called my friend/coworker and she came and called my husband and told him to wake up and get ready. And then shortly before the police officer got there my boss showed up and pulled over. She was just driving by and happened to see me there. I burst into tears when I saw her.

The cop asked us all if we were hurt and I didn't answer. I was in shock. After we all sat in our cars I realized how sore I felt so when he came back I told him that I was feeling sore and he told me that he asked if I was injured and I said no. I never said no! I never answered. I was a little upset about that. But my friend took me to the ER and I got checked out and just got diagnosed with whiplash. They gave me a muscle relaxer. My hubby asked the nurse if it was safe to take while trying to conceive and she said, "Oh, sure, it'll make you nice and relaxed!"

Before we went to the ER though, we swung by to get my hubby and I called my agent and reported the claim.

So after I left the hospital, I took my car to the collision center, picked up a rental, and filled the script. I guess I like to keep busy. As the day wore on I realized my ankle was hurting and across the back of my shoulders was sore.

I finally got to log in my temp to FF and it gave me crosshairs for day 10! I know that can't be right! I was monitored on days 12 & 13 and I think my RE would have noticed if I had already ovulated. So I really want those crosshairs to disappear.

Tomorrow I have day 17 bloodwork and ultrasound. Twelve hours away!

What a day.

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