Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm so confused.

Good lord, I am so confused.

I had my bloodwork and ultrasound on Monday and was told my follicle needed a few more days to mature. I did not bother testing with an OPK because I figured it wouldn't be positive yet anyway.

I wound up leaving work early on Monday because I felt so sick. I went to my family doctor and she told me to get lots of rest and lots of fluids. I woke up several times during the night the last one sometime around 3:30. At 6:45 I woke up and took my temperature and it was pretty high. The same thing happened again this morning. I woke up around 3:00 or so and then fell back and took my temp at the normal 6:45. And it was .03 higher than yesterday. So I've worked with Fertility Friend long enough that if I put in another temp like that tomorrow it will surely tell me I already ovulated.


This is odd because normally I'm begging my thermometer to go up, up, up. But this time it would just be awful for several reasons:
1. There is no way we would have caught the egg. I was sick since Sunday and just lying on the couch most of the time (except for the few hours I went to work on Monday). Needless to say I wasn't doing any babymaking.
2. I never did the Ovidrel shot.
3. The follicle was not mature on Monday when he looked at it with ultrasound.
4. It would mean I spent $900 on a waste of a cycle. All the monitoring, blood work, and ultrasounds would mean nothing.
5. It would mean I'd lose total faith in my body because how could it ovulate before the follicle was ready and the LH was only at 9 (when from everything I read needs to be at 20 before I ovulate) and the estrogen was at 53 (and yeah, I don't know what that means really but thought it should be in the hundreds).
6. And last but not least, it would mean I'd lose faith in my Dr. Wonderful! He said the follicle needed a few more days to mature and I put all my faith and all my money in that.

So please, Mr. Thermometer, go DOWN tomorrow and let me think those two high temps were a friggin' fluke due to my being sick and not sleeping well. PLEASE!! I know I'm confusing you - every other cycle I say up, up, up, but now please go down tomorrow and Friday until we see what Dr. Wonderful says!

I'm really sorry I didn't do OPKs in the meanwhile. But I doubt they'd have been accurate anyway. I was trying to drink lots of fluids for my sickness and stay hydrated and I doubt I would have been able to refrain from using the bathroom for 3 or 4 hours as most of the OPKs instruct. But I really wish I knew. I did one today and it was dark but not dark enough to be positive. That could mean two things: 1) I'm getting ready for my LH surge or 2) my surge is on its downside and still dark. So basically it tells me nothing.

Oh, and my doctor's office called. No strep throat, which I figured.

Well, I'd better get to bed. I'm hoping for a solid 7 hours and no interruptions and a nice low temp. Adios.

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