Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another sad day.

I promise I'm going to post some happy stuff soon. As soon as something happy happens that is. But right now I just want to be sad.

The weather forecast last night was snow followed by an ice storm. Fun! I had an 8:00 RE appointment. God bless my hubby. He has come to all my RE appointments with me. So early today hubby was out there cracking up the ice on my rental (an SUV). It was a mess. Our sidewalk was a sheet of ice, our doors and windows on the house were covered in ice, and the SUV was covered in ice.

As sad as I am about the accident, it was a stroke of luck that I was able to have an SUV during this time. I made it to my appointment although it was late and my doctor called my follicle "the most watched follicle in all of history." I couldn't even crack a smile. I'm just not feeling too happy these days!

So I had no hopes that my follicle grew and it did not. Dr. Wonderful told me the head doctor (Dr. Cool) would review my blood work and decide but he imagined that they'd probably end this cycle with Provera.

So my nurse called at 2:26 to say there was no point in proceeding and they wanted to end this cycle and so they called in Provera for me and I have to take it for 7 days starting today. Next time they will give me a higher dose of Femara.

Hubby said we can't have an anniversary baby now, but we can aim for an 11/11/11 baby. He seemed as bummed as I did and was trying to comfort me.

Then at 2:28 the body shop called to say I have over $8000 worth of damage to my car so my insurance company has to decide if they want him to move forward with the repairs. I have mixed feelings over what I want. Part of me wants my car repaired so I can pay it off next year as planned. And the other part of me finds the idea of going car shopping exciting but I know I'll be worse off financially. What I really want is for the accident never to have happened but I know that's impossible. :o

The ironic thing is I bought a larger car because I figured I'd have kids before it was paid off. So all this time I was driving around in more car than I needed and it might be totaled before I ever get to see those two lines on a HPT. We make plans and God laughs!

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