Thursday, February 10, 2011

Second Femara cycle - Day 12 results.

Today was my day 12 appointment with the RE for my second cycle of Femara.

When I was there on day 4, the nurse told me, after taking several stabs at getting blood from my inner elbow, to say from now on they should just take the blood from my hand. So today I told the nurse (a different one) to take the blood from my hand. She tried my right hand. No blood. She tried my left hand. No blood. She was starting to sweat literally. I could tell how frustrated she was and I felt like a human pincushion! So they decided to go ahead with my ultrasound. I drank two glasses of water while waiting for the doctor and then when I was done I was able to get blood drawn - from my inner elbow - by a different nurse. After all that!! Ha ha.

Dr. Wonderful wasn't there today but Dr. Cool was. He said that my lining was still thin but my right ovary had a lead follicle that was 14 mm. The nurse said it was 15x13. He said it should be ready in a few days. I had to wait for my blood results though before I knew for sure what they were doing.

So the nurse just called about an hour ago. I was in a meeting so I couldn't take her call but she left a message saying they want me back on Sunday for more blood work and an ultrasound and she promises she won't be drawing my blood. Ha ha. Estrogen is at 55 and LH is at 10.

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