Tuesday, February 15, 2011

POAS addict!

I took an Answer OPK to work today. I was so desperate to see a positive OPK. It had been months and months (5 or 6?). Well, the darn test must have been defective because the control line never even showed up.

So a few hours later I was home and did an OPK and an HPT. I think both of them were positive. How funny is that? The OPK was very obviously positive. Hallelujah. And I'm not sure on the HPT. I think it was very faintly positive so that will be my day 1 of "testing out my trigger." Since the Ovidrel trigger shot makes HPTs positive and it varies for each person how long it takes for the trigger to be out of the system many women "test out the trigger" and since I just love POAS I decided to do that. So I'll test every day or every other day until I get a negative. And then if...when...if I get a positive I'll know it's real and not left over from the trigger! My doctor did not tell me to do that but I want to know.

See how purty a positive is??

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