Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 15 update!

I have been so anxious about this day since Thursday now. I have been feeling some major stuff going on in the ovary region the past few days and started panicking that I'd ovulate before I have a chance to get the IUI.

I slept poorly last night. I did not want a repeat of the last time we had to ride to the RE's only location open on the weekends (which is about 30 minutes away). Last time we overslept so this time I kept waking up and falling back asleep when I saw it was still hours away. Finally I just got up at 7:40, took my temp, and got my shower. My appointment wasn't til 9:45 a.m. but I was so anxious and nervous I decided to just stay up.

I had even more issues with the blood draw. I had a nurse I never met before who tried both arms and got nothing but sure had fun wiggling the needle around in there. I'm going to be covered in bruises since I still have bruises left over from Thursday, day 12. She got another nurse to step in who finally got some from my right hand. She told me the same thing the nurse told me on day 4, that they should just get it from my hand. She feels it hurts more from the hand (and I'm inclined to agree) but she taught me a trick to exhale right as the needle goes in and it doesn't hurt nearly as much. But last time (day 12) I did tell them to go for the hands and that nurse did BOTH hands and got NO blood and finally another nurse was successful with the arm. So last time and this time I walked out with three bandaged sites. This is getting to be so stressful. I start panicking that they are getting no blood, not to mention it's very uncomfortable with them digging the needles around in my arm hunting for a juicy vein.

Then I was taken back to an ultrasound room and I met the last doctor in the practice. He was really super nice and he made me feel comfortable, was even joking with us and he made me laugh. I'm going to call him Dr. Jovial for now. He is the doctor our friends did not like so I was nervous to meet him but we really liked him. Of course, he is not in charge of our case and we don't have to worry that he will time our IUIs wrong (like they feel he did to theirs) and all I was doing was getting an ultrasound with him. He said my lining looked good at 9 mm. My right ovary now has a follicle that is 16x18 with a mean of 17 mm. And on the left I think he was looking at my cyst but said there was a follicle that was 19 mm. I'm pretty sure that was the cyst but the one on the right is still growing nicely. He said that I might be ready to trigger tonight! I had to wait for blood work results though.

My husband and I went and killed some time in a Starbucks and then went to lunch at a place my hubby wanted to try near the doctor's office. The nurse called while we were eating and said my estrogen is now 130 (wow!), progesterone is 0.2, and LH is 7.5. They want me back in tomorrow ("No!" my veins scream in terror!) for more blood work and an ultrasound, which now pushes my Ovidrel back to tomorrow night at the earliest with an IUI for Wednesday morning at the earliest. DH is excited because he read an article on Time magazine's web site that babies conceived on the 18th of this month will have a due date of 11/11/11 and he thinks that is cool. I think it is cool too but I can't put any more pressure on myself. :) I know that less than 5% of babies are born on their due dates anyway so if I manage to ovulate and conceive this week I'd have as good a chance of having an 11/11/11 baby no matter which day it is. But I have to remember just ovulating will be a good thing since I haven't since early September.

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