Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good news for the future!

I think I mentioned awhile back that hubby had a semen analysis in September that we were told would have to be paid out of pocket since our RE doesn't get reimbursed by the insurance company. So he forked over the $100. But I kept wondering, "Why can't he be reimbursed? The first one was covered." It made no sense to me. So I called the insurance company, asked if I could submit it myself, was told no since my provider is in network and they urged me to have the doctor's office submit it. So I called them and asked them to do it. The woman I talked to kept saying it wouldn't be covered but I asked her to submit it anyway because the insurer would not allow me to submit it myself.

Anyway, a month or so went by and I never heard so I called today and spoke to another woman named Joy and her name really fit! She offered to submit it but then looked in my file and said it was already submitted and it looks like it was paid so she'll be returning the $100!

I also asked her to explain what's needed in an IUI cycle and how much it costs. My job is having open enrollment right now and I want to set some money aside for IUI next year. I already know the IUI itself was $350 from a previous call but was not sure how much the bloodwork and ultrasounds and doctor's visits cost. So she said they had a package for patients without coverage and it is $900 per month. I think that sounds like a fair price. A friend of mine is going to another clinic in our area and they charge $1500 for an IUI cycle. My doctor is highly regarded in our area too so I know this isn't like a bargain basement price.

Joy really made my day. She was sooo nice and explained everything and didn't have this tone to her voice that I was being a real pain in the butt.

So does $900/cycle sound good to you?

I hope hubby has a job by the spring! He said we can't do IUI til he gets a job. :( I know that makes a lot of sense. But I'm still socking away any money I can for that purpose.

Sometimes I wonder though if IUI is even necessary. The doctor recommended it even though hubby's semen analysis had great results. He said it cuts down on the sperm's journey by half and deposits it closer to where it needs to be, which I understand. I am not sure it's warranted but then I think why not give the medicated cycles a little extra "oomph"? I would be using this in conjunction with Femara or Clomd and possibly Ovidrel.


  1. This is just my opinion but I'd never pay that much for an IUI. As long as you have sufficient cervical mucus and it's not harming sperm, I don't know how IUI could be any better. Basically the sperm would get to the egg faster, but does that even matter, as long as it gets there? I dunno.
    Good luck with whatever you choose to do though!

  2. Hi, MK. Yeah, at first I was totally opposed to the IUI. If my hubby's counts were great, I didn't get why I needed it. But now I'm thinking it may be because this will be in conjunction with Clomid (his first recommendation) which is known to dry up CM. So I definitely have some questions to ask of my doctor, esp. if I go the Femara route instead of Clomid.