Monday, November 22, 2010

Yep, I'm just crazy!

Those two high temps in a row that looked as if they might have meant ovulation had occurred were just a fluke I guess. Temp plummeted again today. It was like there were two voices in my head as I stared at my thermometer, which showed 97.03. One was saying (to the thermometer), "No, no fair! You were supposed to be high today, like at least 97.5 high!" And the other is saying, "Idiot, you knew this was going to happen! Why did you even get your hopes up?" Oh, well, I'll give it til this weekend and see what happens before I totally discount myself from this cycle.

I'm off to my acupuncture appointment tonight. I never did cancel or reschedule it and I'm scrambling trying to figure out how I'm going to come up with the $90 with all the Christmas shopping I'll be doing later this week. I hope I'm able to be honest today and tell her that after today I cannot come until the new year (when I'll have fresh untapped funds in my FSA that I can designate to acupuncture).


  1. What cycle day are you on? I always ALWAYS have a temp dip a few days after ovulation from an estrogen surge. Don't give up hope just yet!

  2. Yesterday I was on CD 26. Now I'm on CD 27. Temp was only a little higher today than yesterday. :(