Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disney Pixar Up...just watched it! :( Sad, sad, sad.

Oh, my word, I just watched the Disney Pixar film Up with the hubby. How far behind am I? If you are like me and just hadn't gotten around to seeing it yet but want to, please be warned this contains a SPOILER!

So we're just watching this cute little kid movie and the characters Carl & Ellie are lying there in the grass watching the clouds become images and they see one baby and then they see LOTS of babies. And then they are painting a nursery. Awww. So cute. But I'm feeling a tiny bit jealous of these animated characters, thinking the next scene is going to show her with a growing belly. But no, it's sad. And they are in a doctor's office. And then there are never any babies. And they grow old and gray. Hubby says, "Aww, just like us." I'm sitting here all teary-eyed in a children's movie!! Thanks, Disney.

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