Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Circle + Bloom update and last acupuncture appointment for 2010

So far I really like the Circle + Bloom program. I chose the PCOS/infertility one. If nothing else, it is really helping me to relax. The first night I listened (Sunday night) it relaxed me so much I was able to fall right asleep afterward (which was fine since I was already in bed and ready for sleep). Yesterday I took it to acupuncture with me and one track was just the right length to listen to while I let the needles do their thing. I did feel very very relaxed, which was helpful because in my past sessions I had a somewhat difficult time staying still while the needles were in. I'm a very fidgety person by nature so anything requiring lying still and doing nothing is not going to be my forte. So Circle + Bloom helped.

I also had to tell my acupuncturist last night that I could not come back this year. I'm very much a "people pleaser" so it was hard to tell her but when she asked if I'd like to schedule I told her I just couldn't until January. This is due to my insurance pays nothing towards acupuncture and my FSA is pretty much drained for 2010. She was fine with it and very understanding and we scheduled for January. So that is a weight off my shoulders. I am not sure how much good acupuncture did me anyway. I've been going three months and ovulated once, then had an anovulatory cycle, and the jury is still out on this cycle.

I will sign off this post by saying HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you! I hope you have a wonderful day full of things for which to be grateful!

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