Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick update

I figured I'd update my blog with an update to say that I've been quiet since not much is going on.

I am having a minor surgery (not TTC or GYN related) on the 31st so I had to go off my herbal remedies as well as my prenatal vitamin for 2 weeks prior. So that was the past week and the coming week and after the surgery I can resume.

I'm feeling a tad anxious not to be "on" anything because I don't really trust my body to go and try to ovulate on its own. But on the other hand it's good to have a forced break to see if my body IS capable. I have wondered since I started on the herbs (since I started herbs and charting at the same time) if I was capable but I really didn't want to waste any more time. We had already been married for 19 months by that time and I was ready to go full-force ahead to getting myself to be a mommy!

So I'm continuing to chart just so I can make sure ovulation doesn't occur before the surgery but I'm not really doing much else related to TTC. I'm still reading/researching like a fiend. (Knowledge is power right? And at my last visit with my RE back in June he mentioned how impressed he was with how "organized" I was. I had a list of questions and I asked him every one.)

I did call the RE's office today to get the official results of my HSG. :( But no one returned my call.

The crazed panic I've felt for much of the past three months has subsided and has me feeling fairly peaceful for the past week or two. I'm glad. I was starting to feel crazy. And there are BABIES everywhere. I'm glad I can just feel happy for them and not full of jealousy. Four of my first cousins had babies this year and one of my husband's first cousins is having a baby very soon. And that's just first cousins. I have no idea how many more distant relatives have had or are having babies this year. THANK GOD I don't feel any intense jealousy. That would be yucky.

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