Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well, I'm not getting an April 2011 EDD!

I experienced some frustrations today and I just need to get them out.

First it is CD 1 again. But really I'm not that bothered by that. Last cycle was such a mess anyway. I don't feel I O'ed but FF is saying I did. So I'm kind of glad it's over. Time for a fresh start! And maybe a May 2011 EDD?? I can hope!

My main frustration is coming from the fact that I feel that I am insulin-resistant (IR) but I've not been treated for it. I really wanted to try DCI but I'm seeing a naturopath and did not want to do anything to interfere with what she has me on and she does not agree that I definitely have it. I called my RE's office and they told me they never tested me for it. (Why the heck not??) And I called my PCP and was told that I was tested for it and I do not have it or I just barely have it. She said something about the threshold being 100 and I'm at 101 so I'm just barely over the line. But from everything I'm reading in my research, that test (a fasting blood test) is not very accurate. I mentioned to her that I have AN and she said that it's not necessarily from IR but then followed up by asking if I'm on Metformin. And I'm not. And I don't remember why RE wouldn't give me Metformin.

I REALLY feel that the IR (that apparently only I think I have) is the hold-up here. It has me so stressed out that I can no longer relax. I am obsessed.

In the meanwhile I found another thing to stress me out, a copy of a progress note from my RE saying that I should get an HSG in 3-6 months and DH should get an SA. But when I called to schedule it, the nurse wanted me to come in this Friday for blood work and she mentioned something about Clomid. No! No Clomid! At least not yet! I know, I'm being stubborn. I'm just not ready to go there yet. So I spent the afternoon feeling sad and frustrated. I told her I did not want Clomid, I was only calling to schedule an HSG. Somewhere along the way someone's wires got crossed. Now I'm wondering if RE wants me to go on Clomid and 3-6 months after that have an HSG. I'm no doctor but that doesn't make sense to me. Before putting me on a drug that has side effects like that, shouldn't he make sure everything else is in working order first? Who knows. I have lots of questions and few answers though. I can't wait for tomorrow to get an answer. I'm so stressed.

Meanwhile, my countdown to my first acupuncture appointment is in SEVEN DAYS. Woo-hoo!

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