Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All is Quiet

I haven't posted too much because honestly, not much is happening. I'm having what may be an anovulatory cycle although my "cysters" on the message boards are telling me that my body may have tried and failed to ovulate and may try again one or more times. So really I'm just trying to keep my mind occupied on other things. The weekend and the past few days were very tense for me and today was the first day I didn't wake up thinking, "Did my temp rise?" I know now that it may not for awhile, whereas up until yesterday I kept thinking the temp rise was imminent. So I went for a walk last night, studied for my exam, BDed :), and tried to relax last night. Today I feel much more relaxed and I actually got some work done. I did not use an OPK and I do not plan on using one today. Honestly, they are just making me crazy. I'm going to keep taking my temperature each morning and charting any CM I see but other than that, I've got to take a step back.

Now I'm going to get a massage...the ultimate stress-reducer. Ahhh. My appointment is in 45 minutes and I cannot wait. I heard about some Mayan abdominal massage that is supposed to be helpful for infertility and for ovarian cysts. I'm going to ask my massage therapist what she knows about it. I trust her a lot. She is really very knowledgeable.

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