Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friday's appointment (6w2d) & a scare (6w4d)!

So I'm way behind on updating my blog.

We had an appointment on Friday at 6 weeks 2 days. We got to see the tiniest flicker of a heartbeat! I really struggled to see it but Dr. Cool said it was there and my hubby says he saw it. The baby also grew so much. The doctor said the following week it would look like a string bean and then at 8 weeks you'd really be able to see it looked like a baby. I cannot wait for then although each one is just incredible.

They didn't do hCG for me (not sure why) but they did progesterone and it was at 16 so it went back up which is good.

Today my hubby and I were, ahem, intimate for the first time in awhile and afterwards I had some spotting on and off today. I'm worried out of my mind! I called the after hours number and Dr. Cool called me within a minute. He doesn't feel there is anything to be concerned about since everything up to this point has been progressing so well but he said so he can try to get an explanation for me to call in the morning and get an appointment for tomorrow morning for an ultrasound. I seriously wanted to drive myself to the ER to get an ultrasound NOW because I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight with all the worrying. Last time I checked it was back to no bleeding so I pray it stays that way and then I pray I'll get some reassurance tomorrow. There are lots of prayers going up right now.

It's a funny thing - all along I thought Dr. Wonderful was my doctor. He was the one I originally went to back in 2009. He diagnosed me with PCOS. He is the one who told me I could take Clomid and then when I expressed concerns about that, told me I could do Femara instead. He sent me for an HSG and my hubby for his semen analysis. The day I actually went in to get started on Femara though he was on vacation so I saw Dr. Cool and somehow he became the "owner" of my chart even though while I was there he relied on the other doctor's notes to figure out what to give me. I did not know this for the longest time. Every time I went in I circled Dr. Wonderful's name on the sign-in sheet. I always thought it was odd that the nurses would say they'd talk to the other doctor when I called with any questions and that time in my January cycle when Dr. Wonderful said he'd talk to Dr. Cool but he thought Dr. Cool would end it with Provera. I just figured maybe he was the head doctor. When I was there at 5w Dr. Wonderful made a comment about how I saw him more than Dr. Cool and I said, "Well, you are my doctor." He didn't really explain what he meant though and I started wondering if HE thought he wasn't my doctor. Finally when I was there at 5w2d I asked the nurse who she had listed as my doctor and she told me it was Dr. Cool so I told her how confused I was and she thought it was so funny and laughed and laughed. They are both wonderful doctors so it doesn't matter but I hate any type of confusion! I do wind up saying Dr. Wonderful much more often though. In all the times I've been there I only ever saw Dr. Cool four times and two of them were the last two times I was there.

I'll update again tomorrow, I hope with good news!

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