Saturday, December 11, 2010

I think I'm going to be bald soon.

My office had its holiday party tonight and I decided to straighten my hair for the occasion. Generally my hair has a good bit of natural curl to it and I just wear it curly. It's easier and it helps make it look thicker. But every once in awhile I want it to be straight so today I used a blow dryer to make it straight and then I used the flat iron on it and I was shocked it actually stayed straight all day. But my heart is breaking because I swear I can see bald spots on my scalp. My hair has been falling out really badly lately. I was using Rogaine but decided to give that up because of TTC but I'm getting desperate. I highly doubt it's safe to use while TTC. I used to have pretty good luck with a line of hair care products called Nioxin but lately that doesn't even seem to be helping. I'm becoming distraught. When I was a young girl and teenager I never, ever thought I'd have a problem with thinning hair on the top of my scalp. I had such thick (long) hair it would actually give me headaches. Now I'm to the point where I can see bald spots. It makes me so sad. I did ask my doc what I could do and all he could suggest was find a different way to comb my hair! I need some better answers than that so I'm going to do some research. I keep trying to console myself and think I can wear a wig if it gets too bad but that's really not much consolation!

In other news I think part of me has given up on TTC without fertility drugs. I've stopped taking almost all my supplements, stopped checking secondary fertility signs (CM & CP), stopped POAS (OPKs), etc. I thought I'd keep temping but I haven't even taken my temp the past few days. I guess I don't see the point as I'm on day 45 or whatever of this cycle and I know I'm not going to ovulate now. I'm to the point where I need to call my doctor and get Provera or whatever he recommends to bring this cycle to an end. I'm debating whether to call Monday or wait til after Christmas. I know I don't want it to go much more than 60 days. I just don't really have time right now to worry about that. I'm taking an exam on Tuesday and need to really study tomorrow and Monday and concentrate on that. It's always something!

So as far as my baby dreams, I have not given up on being a mom. I know compared to others I haven't been trying that long but it's really frustrating to chart seven months and only ovulate twice (bad ovulations at that on day 31)! So my husband and I have been really talking about our next steps. IUI or not IUI? If we don't do it right away, how many cycles do we want to try with meds only before moving on to IUI? Right now we're talking trying two without IUI (just Clomid or Femara) and then moving on from there if need be. We'll see. So that's all for tonight.


  1. Have you heard of/tried DCI? It takes a bit to get into your system - but I have PCOS and have had 2 regular cycles with it (one confirmed "ovulatory" by FF). If you haven't, you should check out my blog - and I have a link to "Fertility Goddess Blogs" - where you can read "X is Undefined" which chronicles a PCOSer who uses DCI and GETS PREGNANT NATURALLY. I haven't "tried" yet, so I can't speak to whether it will be the magic pregnancy pill - but it is (by far) the best thing I have found yet.

  2. ps: went through your archives and realized you DID take DCI. I kind of suck at reading everything BEFORE I open my mouth. I have (thus far) had better luck with DCI than I did with Vitex - but, as every PCOSer knows, it's always a gamble. You're in my thoughts - and if I read any amazing hair loss stuff I will let you know (and please, vice versa!).

  3. Hey, thanks for your help. Yes, I have been using DCI for I forget how many months now but I just stopped as I haven't seen any results. Probably at my weight I should be taking more than two capsules a day. (Somewhere I read how much to take for your weight but on the bottle it just said 1-2 per day so I took 2.) But it's very expensive (was getting mine from and I was seeing no results. I bet if I took DCI and reduced my sugar intake it would have been a great combination but for the past 2-3 months I've been on a real sugar kick and it's hard to stop.