Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bombarded with new baby news & pregnancy news!

The Provera is going well so far. The first night I swear it made me feel really hot, like hot flashes. But that may have been a coincidence. Every night since then has been fine. I take it right before bed. I took it five nights so far. Tonight will be the sixth and Christmas Day will be my last.

My sister had three friends, yes, three friends, who have babies three days in a row, the 16th to the 18th. Wow. My best friend is pregnant, my other good friend was pregnant but miscarried last month, and now my husband's best friend's wife is pregnant. She starts her second trimester this week and they just called tonight to tell us. I'm very excited for them...and to be honest a little sad for me. They were trying for awhile and had even done fertility treatments (IUI and IVF) all to no avail. This was a surprise BFP for them. It gives me hope but always leaves me feeling left behind and left out. Poor hubby says to me after he hangs up with his friend, "Are you happy for them or are you going to cry?" Through tears I say, "I'm happy for them." Wow, what mixed emotions.

And I promise the above statements have nothing to do with what I'm going to say next. I've been thinking it for most of last week and just haven't blogged about it yet. But once AF starts after this Provera regimen I've been really thinking about giving Clomid (yes, big bad Clomid I've been so afraid to try) a "trial run." I know, I have all my good reasons for waiting til May but I guess I just want to do something right now. My plan for the moment is to do just one month and if not pregnant, I'll wait til May to resume. I don't think this plan makes any sense. And I'm not sure how easy it'll be to take Clomid one month and then just go back to nothing for a few. Am I crazy? Do you girls think I should start the Clomid in January (or whenever a new cycle begins for me)?

Thanks for your opinions!


  1. From my own experience, I think Clomid is a great idea. I actually got pregnant on it! Some women just respond really well to it. My advice is to definitely not take it too long, like more than 6 or so months.
    It really is sort of a miracle drug.

  2. My husband and I discussed it last night and we are moving forward with the plan for Clomid as soon as possible. Yippee! I woke up so excited. I would love to get pregnant but am excited to see if it will just make me ovulate. If it doesn't work after a few months I'll probably move on to Femara.