Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Reading from Cheri22

Here is my baby reading from Cheri22, a baby psychic:

"They show you having two girls and the first one will have a connection to SEPTEMBER so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in.

When it comes to your daughter, they show her as someone who has her hair usually really long, tends to have some sort of a curl to it and I am seeing her usually pulling it back into a braid or a pony tail of some sort. Always trying to pull it away from her face and trying to prevent it from getting tangled and she really does not like spending tons of time on it and making it look nice. She would rather do it and then get on with her day.

Shes always really friendly but you are going to see her as being someone who just wants the truth. She wants to make sure that everything that she does is good and that people are honest with her. She can often see through people being false and will often call them on it. Willing to give them a second chance and tell the truth, otherwise is not someone that she wants to be friends with.

Shes always really good with people, always social and happy. I am seeing her as the type to just want to have a good time and is pretty flexible with what she does and who she hangs around. Shes always the one that is a good friend. You can trust her to do the right thing and is always available if it really comes down to it.

I am seeing her having a bit of a sweet tooth and seems to really enjoy having suckers or gum. Something that shes often doing as a way to try and break a habit of wanting to bite her nails.

I am seeing her as someone who is going to be going into a bit of acting with her high school year and is often a natural performer when it comes to live performances. Often able to memorize her lines without much mistakes. Often able to laugh at the times she gets it wrong, but is more determined than ever to deliver the line perfectly.

When it comes to career paths, they show her working in acting, but I am also seeing her volunteering to help the local shelters as well.

When it comes to marriage I am seeing her closer to 22. They will have two boys of their own."

I hope it comes true! I'd love to have two little girls or one of each or two boys...yeah, I just want to be a mommy!

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