Friday, July 30, 2010

The agonizing wait to ovulation

I have really long cycles and the wait between the end of AF and O is agonizing. It takes weeks and I never know when it is going to happen.

I bought a Fertile-Focus ovulation microscope and that is just getting me discouraged. It does not show ovulation. And I'm using ovulation prediction kits and they are showing that I'm not close to ovulation either. If I go by my last cycle I should be ready to O in 2 days. Now I've got fertile quality cervical fluid but no other signs to match up to it.

It can be that I will get a + OPK this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Oh, yeah, and I did use the Pre-seed once. But since I've gotten EWCM I really haven't needed to keep using it. I liked how it felt. No clue if it helps or not.

So I'll post more later but right now I am definitely feeling that the wait to O is more agonizing than the wait to POAS. :(

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