Friday, April 8, 2011

Our little "green olive" - 9w2d update.

So today was our second-to-last appointment. I found out I will graduate for sure at 10 weeks, which will be next Wednesday, 4/13.

Today our baby's heartbeat was at 177 beats per minute. And the baby dated exactly 9 weeks 2 days today - right on track. I'm not even sure how big it really is right now but according to my ticker on it's the size of a green olive. My progesterone is 15 and I have to take the Endometrin suppositories until I'm 11 weeks.

I had a consultation with a midwife on Tuesday. For the most part it went well but I found out that since my BMI is over 30 I cannot give birth at her birthing center (or at home for that matter). But she reassured me and said that my birth at the hospital she delivers at will feel very similar to a birth at the birthing center. She will provide labor support and she will be there (well, she or the other midwife in her practice) and the baby will stay with me from the moment he/she is born. It will be delivered and placed on my stomach and won't be taken to the nursery or elsewhere unless there is a problem. The nurses won't bottle feed our baby. She said lots of things that made me feel good. I was pretty upset though that I can't deliver in a homelike setting because I'm too "fat." But I know the important thing is a healthy baby and I don't want to jeopardize my baby's safety even though I don't feel being overweight and having no other risk factors really SHOULD make me high-risk but I'm not going to argue that point.

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