Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nothing new

I know it's been awhile since I've written but really, there is not much to write about it. I'm on my fourth charted cycle, waiting for ovulation, and I'm on day 21.

I was considering getting a second opinion from another RE but realized they would want to do a full exam and take all kinds of blood work which would cost me a morning or afternoon off work and right now I just can't do it. All the days I'm willing to use this year are already booked. I have one week of vacation left and my hope/plan/goal is to roll it to 2011 (you know, in case I have a baby and can take a maternity leave).

I keep getting these ideas to move on to the Clomid or Femara and then I have to pull myself back to reality. I actually made myself a list of reasons why I should wait until next May/June to start treatment. I have to keep rereading it to keep it fresh in my mind. I'll share most of the reasons here too.

1. Really give my body a chance to do it naturally
2. Give my mind/stubbornness a chance
3. Give hubby time to find a job
4. Timing will be right for a spring baby (which is what I would choose in a perfect world)
5. FSA will be "loaded up" and ready to handle the expenses
6. Health insurance MAY cover IF coverage next year (long shot)
7. Women with PCOS CAN conceive naturally - it might be harder but it is not impossible
8. Our financial situation may be better
9. I can enjoy Disney World (leaving this week!)
10. I invested a lot of money into naturopathy & acupuncture and should give it time to work
11. IF treatments have side effects - nothing to take lightly

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